If you’re going to write an anonymous blog then it’s obvious that you can’t just host it one your own server.  This means using one of the free blogging platforms out there to host your blog on and doing all of your blogging through it’s web interface.  However if you use your normal browser setup then you’re going to leave your IP address in the hosts site logs at the very least, which means somebody could come along and using legal (or not so legal) means, get your IP address and use that to follow the trail back to you where the harassment and other troubles will then begin.

One answer would be to get TOR and learn how to configure your browser to use it so that you could browse without leaving a trail.  Unfortunately doing this with your regular browser means that there’s a whole mess of settings that you would have to remember to change so that when you were using TOR you wouldn’t be leaking information.  Things like turning off java and javascript, deactivating any extensions that can leak information about what site’s you’re visiting and when, and so on.

This can be a cumbersome process because when you’re done with TOR you then get to switch all those settings back to normal because a lot of websites don’t work if you disable javascript, java, flash, active-x, cookies and suchlike.

The best way around this that I’ve seen is XeroBank.  XBBrowser is a copy of Firefox 2 that’s had it’s settings optimized for maximum privacy.  It’s also been set up to use a copy of the latest build of TOR (which is included with it) as an anonymizing proxy.

When you load the get XBBrowser page you click the “download now” button and save the copy of xB-Browser_latest.exe on your system.  When you run the program, it’ll ask you where you want to install it (which can be anywhere you want, even on a USB Flash Drive).  Once it’s done you use ‘my computer’ to navigate to where you installed it and double click on xBBrowser.exe.

It will start up TOR and then it’s own privacy maximized copy of Firefox.  It can take a few minutes to get TOR started because it needs to download some information from it’s network.  Once Firefox starts up you can begin browsing.

The nice thing about this is that all of the information this browser uses is kept in the directory where you installed it, so if you install it on a USB Flash Drive you can take it with you and have your bookmarks Etc with you and usable from any computer you can plug it into.

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