morphed pictureHere’s something that’s pretty cool.  A program that lets you do some of those really cool photo tricks.  You know the kind… you start with one picture and it transforms in to another one.  Well, Morpheus Photo-Morpher is just such a toy and what’s great about it is that it only takes a few minutes to learn.  You can actually start producing some really cool transformations within a few minutes of installing it.  I did the picture shown here within just a few minutes of installing it.  Not bad for the first time using a new program ‘eh?

There is some seriously fun things you can do with this tool.  You could create an animated .gif picture that starts out as your boss and transforms into the south end of a northbound horse.. (just take care who gets to see that picture!) You could do special morphs for a wedding or graduation.  Start with a picture of them as a baby or young child and then morph them into the person they are today.

Not only that, but it’s not just limited to ‘still’ shots, it can also render the morph as an .AVI format movie that you can use in home movie projects.  There’s really quite a bit of potential in it.

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