I don’t suppose that its a surprise that there’s yet another case of Federal employees and elected officials treating themselves to the very best of everything.  Ok, fine. If they want to have the best then more power to ’em… as long as they’re paying for it themselves.  This business of doing all this on taxpayer funding is another matter entirely.

Flying coach? Many federal employees aren’t, and it is costing taxpayers big. Sharyl
Attkisson reports that federal workers spent $230 million in tax dollars on business or
first class tickets – in one year.

Yeah, like the china trip that could have been done for $31,000 but because the people involved just HAD to have premium class perks, it cost $99,000 instead.  and from what I read in that story this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The whole thing reminds me of the military spending scandals years ago where they were paying prices like $4,000 for a common hammer or $37,000 for a toilet seat (not the whole gold plated midas edition toilet.. just an ordinary toilet seat.)

There’s only one solution… enough people making enough noise about it so those in charge are forced to do something about it.

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