Going Somewhere?

October 7th, 2007 | Posted in Entertainment, Misc Assorted General Stuff, Shopping | Comments Off on Going Somewhere?

I’m not actually planning a trip to Vegas but sometimes it’s fun to look over what’s possible and what you might do… sort of a vacation “what if”.  To add in a sense of realism the thing to start out with is stopping by travel sites to look over packages and options.  At Realtravel.com they make it easy to find the very best deals on Las Vegas Hotels.  They’ve got a handy map display that can show you where they’re all located.  The map display is right next to a list of hotels sorted by popularity.

For example if you’re interested in the most popular resort hotel according to their information you could decide on the Bellagio resort right in the heart of the Las Vegas strip or maybe the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino.  Then again, since this is just for fun, how about dropping by Caesars Palace next April to play in the World Series of Poker?

In any event or for whatever occasion, Realtravel.com looks like they’ve got it nailed when it comes to getting good deals for Las Vegas Hotels.

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