“Earl” T-shirts?

October 10th, 2007 | Posted in Entertainment, Marketing, Recreation, Shopping | Comments Off on “Earl” T-shirts?

Sometimes I get the feeling that maybe I’ve been living in a cave someplace and I’ve got that feeling once again.  I mean, I have actually heard of the ‘My Name Is Earl’ tv sitcom, but I’ve never watched it, well, because I’ve seen commercials for it.  Apparently however an awful lot of people do watch it.  Enough that Cafepress now has a full line of T-Shirts derived from the show.

There are three main designs starting with a basic “Free Earl” message (I suppose they’re assuming that you already know who Earl is and why he should be given freedom.), The next one bears the message “Hey Crabman” and is another reference that is totally lost on me.  Finally there is one bearing the single word “Karma“, which I suppose has to do with Earl’s philosophy or somesuch.  I don’t believe in Karma myself except in the Biblical sense that you reap what you sow and of course again, because I’ve never watched Earl I have no idea what any of these are talking about.

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