Another ‘Patch Tuesday’ has come and gone, this time with more security patches being released for several versions of IE, including IE7, that are intended to make it harder for evil sites to spoof the content of the location bar as part of “phishing” scams where they try to convince you that the site you’re looking at is your bank when really it isn’t.

Other patches include more efforts to keep people from hacking into the computer to steal information or install malware in ‘drive by downloads’ and so on.

My preference and advice is to avoid a LOT of trouble by simply not using IE for any reason at all, ever.  You’re a lot better off to get Firefox 2 and use it instead of IE.  For most people’s email needs, I’d recommend either Thunderbird or Claws-mail.

In addition to using Firefox instead of IE, I also use WindizUpdate instead of Windows Update.  You get all the same windows security updates & such, but it works in Firefox and you don’t have to connect to Microsoft to do it.

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