This site’s main product is radar detection equipment.  They use a clean, compact design that makes it easy to find information not only about their products but about radar detectors in general.  The first question that comes to my mind is “Why would somebody need a radar detector if they’re not violating speed limits in the first place?”  Good question.  The answer is in the fact that radar speed detectors are not always reliable or accurate. I’ve seen tv news reports that showed a car sitting still with the engine off and the brake set and yet a radar detector some 30 feet away shows that this parked car is moving at 63 miles per hour.

So even if you obey the speed limit (which you should anyway), having a radar detector can alert you to radar speed enforcement being in use and remind you to keep watch you your speed.  Obviously if it’s possible for it to say a parked car is moving 63mph there’s not much guarantee even that going the legal speed limit will help, but it can’t hurt either.  Just like knowing that radar speed detection is in use can’t guarantee you won’t get a ticket, but it WILL remind you to check your speed.

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