We recently got a wireless router and set up one of our computers with a wireless network card so that getting it online didn’t have to involve a nightmare spiderweb of cables snaked all over the house.  In doing this I got to thinking about the changes I’ve seen in the years that I’ve been online.

When I first started I was using a 300bps direct connect modem, just prior to that modems all had acoustic couplers that you set the phone handset into.  This little gem didn’t need that because you plugged the phone line into it.  ‘course you still needed to dial the phone manually and press a button on the modem when you heard the carrier tone….. but it worked.

Since then I went to 1200bps, then to 2400bps.  After that there was a big jump to 56K modems that would typically connect at speeds from 39,000bps to as fast as 53,333bps.  Then came the switch from conventional modem to ADSL… 768Kbps download / 256kbps upload… the latest change is the best yet… 3584Kbs download / 608 Kbs upload.

I am wondering though.. what percentage of people are still using dial-up modems at 56k or less?

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