The Illegal immigration thing is back in the news again. This time it’s because a federal judge has blocked the government from going ahead with a plan to crack down on businesses that employ illegal aliens.  Frankly there’s valid points on both sides of this whole debate.  On the one hand while it’s just great that people want to come to the US to find a better life and as long as they do so legally I don’t see a problem.  Then there’s the illegals that have already been here for years.  What’s to happen to them?  You can’t just ship them all back to where they came from.  Then for those that stay there is the question of language.  I understand that they want to keep their own language.  That’s reasonable, yet there are whole neighborhoods now where English is hardly ever heard and it would take a Spanish immersion course to be able to do business there.  If we go to other countries they don’t like it if we expect them to speak English, yet people come here all the time and expect us to embrace their languages.  At the very least people coming here ought to learn (and use!) the English language.

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