Al Gore Wins Nobel Prize?

October 15th, 2007 | Posted in News, Opinion | 2 Comments

Now the world is truly upside down.  Al Gore… I mean aren’t we talking about the guy that once said something about having invented the Internet?  Isn’t this the same guy that has been known more for having his foot in his mouth than anything else?

It’s not enough that we’ve got all this attention focused on global warming instead of putting it where it needs to be… on any number of much more immediate (not to mention provable) things that need to be addressed… like for example the tragedy that is Darfur, any number of crisis situations all over the globe that involve real human suffering and need… No, we’ve got to be bombarded with all this “hooey” about global warming and how we need to act now to save the world for people that might live a few thousand years from now.

I think just offhand that we need to get our heads together on a whole bunch of more immediate things first.  As a matter of fact, global warming (if it’s got ANY reality to it at all) will be addressed very nicely by taking care of the many many many problems that need to be dealt with.  For example, we need cheap, clean, efficient power and we need it in quantity and we need it yesterday.  Supply that need the right way and you’ll take care of power needs for billions and start a massive switch away from burning fossil fuels.

I could probably rant all night about how goofy this whole global warming thing really sounds to me.. I’ve seen winters getting more severe in several parts of the US over the last decade or two and that just doesn’t fit with the idea that the planet is getting warmer.

However, beyond all this, one thing you DON’T do amid all this is to make Al Gore the public face of it.  It doesn’t help the cause.  Rather it sends the whole idea that much farther into the same room with the folks wearing Tinfoil hats to keep the alien thought control machines out of their brains.

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2 Responses to “Al Gore Wins Nobel Prize?”

  1. Wow, seems like you really do not like Gore and also do not like this global warming stuff. I personally believe in global warming but I’m not sure if its man made nor if Gore can make a change. I could not watch the movie to the end since it seemed more like a self representation of Gore than a serious thing about making a change. But hey, shall he have the thing invented by the same person who invented Nitro Glycerine and TNT.

  2. i think global warming is happening, you can see it in many countries. last year in Europe, many ski areas who usually have a lot of snow did not had snow at all. 

    you are right that in some parts of the US the winter were severe, but that is also a change. countries or cities who never had snow before get snow now. what about the hurricanes, the extreme wind, or the extreme hit ……….

    i don’t agree with everything that Gore says, but I believe that global warming exist and we need to do something about it.