I’ve never been much of a beer drinker but after reading this editorial by Brent Bozell III, regardless of anything else, I’ll NEVER spend another cent on anything brewed by Miller.  They’ve gone entirely too far.

They have decided that it’s a good idea to sponsor an event that goes out of it’s way to mock the Last Supper and with it, all of Christianity.  Here’s an excerpt describing this travesty:

The Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco touts itself as the “crowning finale” of the city’s Leather Pride Week festivities. It’s not something you’d bring the children to, although in San Francisco those standards don’t necessarily apply. Media accounts showed that in some cases whole families attended — with the toddlers dressed in dog collars.

It is the kind of raunchy event that gives that city its reputation for decadence. But what really offended was the promotional poster for the fair. Seated at and standing behind a long table, Last Supper-style, are a set of men and women in various stages of leather dress/undress, including a man wearing a black dog mask. Sex toys, including a big red fist, are strewn across the table. As a spokesman for Concerned Women explained, “The bread and wine representing Christ’s broken body and life-giving blood are replaced with sadomasochistic sex toys in this twisted version of Da Vinci’s ‘The Last Supper.'”

Prominently on display in the left-hand corner of the ad — the Miller Lite sponsorship logo.

Any company that can decide that this kind of filth and perversion is a good idea and worth sponsoring is a company that I don’t want to do business with Ever.

I Also encourage Christians everywhere to let Miller Brewing Co. know what they think of this disgrace.

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