In the news recently there’s been a lot of stuff about security problems on airline flights. Several flights have been diverted and / or delayed, quite a few people have been looked at closely by air marshals and feds of various flavors and some have been arrested.

This article, Security concerns disrupt seven U.S. flights goes into some of the details of a dozen recent examples.

As I read the article, one case in particular stood out as a prime example of “getting just a little nuts about things.”

A United Airlines flight out of Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport was delayed because a small boy said something inappropriate, according to a government official speaking on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the information. “He didn’t want to fly,” the official said.

I saw a television news story a couple days ago that topped that one..  Seems one flight was delayed or diverted because a woman was filing her fingernails? I’ve googled all over the place and haven’t been able to find a reference for it, but I saw it in a story on Good Morning America just a few days ago.

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