President Bush admonished Congress for failing to send him a single spending bill
yet, and warned lawmakers to trim their plans or face rejection.

I can’t help wonder how much of this is just plain party politics instead of the genuine concern over proper handling of public money.  I mean, obviously we want Congress to be responsible with their spending, but I think it’s kinda telling that in spite of the fact that President Bush has been “admonishing” Congress because they haven’t sent him a spending bills, he is all but guaranteeing that he is going to veto whatever they do send him.

This reminds me of those blasted catch-22 type situations that I hate so much where one person lets the other know that they’re not doing something right and that if and when they do get something right, they’ll be wrong anyway.

I realize this is nothing new, presidents have been having this fight with Congress for most of the time that this nation has existed.  But when you look at the fact that when the Republicans were in majority there wasn’t any of this going on, now the Democrats are in majority and we’ve got ten times the petty bickering going on.  You’d think it was a bunch of Tulsa high school kids fighting over Oklahoma Sooners tickets.  But then maybe not, I can actually understand that kind of fighting (up to a point anyway).  At least their fight isn’t going to affect the whole country.  Remember the times that most of the government had to shut down because nobody could agree on a budget long enough to pass one?


These people need to get a reality check of some kind

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