Isn’t it funny how Iran wants to paint itself as the neighborhood good guy that doesn’t mean anyone any harm.  What they don’t really want to talk about though is that all this applies up until you have an opinion that doesn’t march in time with the government’s official line.

That’s when they get you.  Like the story recently about an Iranian journalist Roozbeh Mirebrahimi who could end up in prison for life if he returns to Iran. He spoke with about Iran’s methods of suppressing free speech.

Of course, this guy is blessed in that he’s not still in Iran.  Instead he’s living in New York and continuing to blog away.  Also there’s apparently an ongoing increase in the number of Iranian people using the Internet which is going to guarantee that it’s going to get harder to find and stop bloggers that want to tell the truth about what’s going on over there.  Perhaps if more of them would be able to get and use anonymity tools then perhaps there wouldn’t be nearly as many ending up in jail instead of living their lives and their worst worries being things like finding discount furniture that was worth buying and wouldn’t fall apart within a few weeks of getting it home.

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