Time was running out.  He had been working almost nonstop for nearly seven days now with only small breaks to eat and nap.  The structural work had gone entirely according to plan.  Oh the beginning of it looked like a spontaneous festival of destruction but it was actually carefully planned in order to prevent accidents.  Then the editors would put everything together in a quick nonstop scene of demolition.

After that came the planning phase.  This was done while the main cleanup operation was getting the site prepared.  Basic plans were made and explained to architectural experts who filled in the details and created the final blueprints.

When actual construction began the madhouse was in full swing.  Everybody seemed to be everywhere at once.  It was sort of chaotic but still, with most of the block lined with trucks bearing supplies and equipment everybody had all they needed to get their parts of the job done.

Then almost as suddenly as it began, construction was done.  Suddenly everybody was drafted to move and set up furniture.  His part of the job was to get the theater finished.  Everything was there, ready to move in but not one stick of it could be moved.  The home theater carpet was nowhere to be found.  This was his first panic of the whole adventure.  He hurried through the entire site, searching everywhere, digging into every pile of supplies.  He had just managed to duck the maniac with the bullhorn one more time when he found the carpeting by the new grill in the backyard.

Quickly calling for nearby workers to help and things started to move.  He was safe now.  If the job wasn’t done in time it wasn’t going to be his fault.  Now he just needed to stay clear of that blasted bullhorn for another two hours…..

Now THAT would be a challenge.

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