There’s a school district in Maine that is just begging for trouble.  They’re actually considering a proposal to allow middle school students access to a wide variety of birth control methods.  This isn’t just handing out condoms which is bad enough all by itself because it sends the message that it’s ok for children that age to be having sex in the first place (which it most certainly not).

What’s worse is that while they’re going to require written parental consent for them to get it but would not be required to disclose to parents what “service” they were getting.

That last point is almost worse than the original fact that they’re handing out birth control in the first place.  Especially since some of the “services” they’re talking about include birth control pills and patches in addition to condoms.

It’s bad enough that they’re handing out birth control like it was candy and sending the signal that it’s just fine with the school board if kids as young as 11 years old are having sex.  But this latest is worse because now they’re talking about prescribing drugs to children and then deciding that they don’t have to tell the parent.

That, along with this obsession with giving birth control to younger and younger children is worse than irresponsible and if it’s not stopped, those kids and their parents are going to be the ones that end up paying the price for this foolishness.

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