I think that most people are interested in a certain amount of travel simply because there’s so many places in this world to go to and see for yourself.  I mean, you can look at pictures and videos all day long and when it’s all said and done it’s still not the same thing as seeing it for yourself.  The thing is though, that travel can get real expensive quickly.  I think that’s one of the big reasons that a travel blog can be such a big hit, because it caters to those of use that might want to travel but for whatever reason, can’t do so.

Once in a while I’ll look at a travel blog myself.  I know it’s not the same thing as being there but it’s still interesting because you can pick up all sorts of little tidbits about various places around the world…. History, Culture and of course, one of the big things about a travel blog is that if you’re reading a good one, you can get treated to some really good photos of the places they’re talking about.  Just today I ran across a really spectacular winter shot from a mountain top of a cabin just above the tree line overlooking a really great sunset (or sunrise).

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