I guess that all things considered, it’s not a great big shock that this veto attempt has failed.  The problem is that these people don’t have any REAL interest in getting something passed in a hurry…. All they need is to be seen and heard being really vocal about the subject because as long as they make enough noise most people will decide that they’re doing their job and fighting for what’s right.


House Democrats have failed in their bid to override President Bush’s veto of a bill
to expand a popular children’s health insurance program.

Of course, if you only take enough time to think about the whole thing for a moment, that’s when you see that making a bunch of noise about something does not necessarily equal fighting for it (or against it, whatever).  All it means is that somebody’s being vocal.  Just like Joe Sixpack can make a lot of noise about losing weight and even stock up on hydroxycut, vitamins, and have all the right kind of books visible in his living room, but if that’s all that happens then noise is all he’s making.  Same goes for politicians

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