The school board in Portland Maine have, in spite of a lot of vocal opposition, decided to go ahead with their plans to make a whole range of contraceptive methods available to children as young as eleven, including birth control pills and patches.

They’re defending this policy by saying that it’s aimed at

“a tiny number of sexually active students.”

What they SHOULD be doing is working to discourage ANY students from being sexually active.  I mean it’s no small matter we’re talking about like a bunch of teeny boppers playing dress-up games with pretend fashion jewelry, This is literally children getting into an activity that will lead to results they’re just not prepared to handle.. Like children having children…

The answer is NOT to just hand out birth control and say “have at it kids”, but instead to educate them with reasons WHY it’s not a good idea.  This is one of the many reasons why all this “separation of church and state” nonsense is such a bad idea.  By taking away the ability to use scriptural authority and explanations of good and evil, we’ve lost the foundation that could have prevented children as young as 11 from NEEDING birth control in the first place!

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