Here’s a bit of something trivia-ish for those that would take up Bathroom DIY projects.  Specifically I’m referring to the incredible variety in the styles, types and basic designs of bath faucets.  I ran into this once when I had a need to repair one that was leaking like crazy and trust me, If you don’t match up parts exactly then they’re just not going to fit properly.

It seems like no two manufacturers make things in any kind of a universal design.  Any part from a unit made by one manufacturer isn’t going to fit properly on any other unit from any other maker.  I honestly believe that they’ve got people that study designs to make sure that they’re incompatible with everybody else’s so that you MUST come to them for replacement parts.

Fortunately is there with help.  For starters there’s a bathroom faucet buying guide that identifies the basic types of faucets and has links to sections of their site that deal with that particular type of faucet.  Of course, you can also browse their listings by several criteria including brand, style, finish or price range.

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