Apparently Bin Laden has put out yet another tape.  In this one he’s calling for the Iraqi insurgents to unite against the US.

Seems that some of those groups are coming together in alliances that are actually opposed to al Qaeda.  Naturally BL wants to put a stop to that because if these groups start opposing him and al Qaeda, then who knows what they might do next..  They could even decide that fighting the US isn’t worth it anymore.  Maybe they might just decide that instead of all the fighting and killing that they’d rather just live their lives and raise their families.

GASP!  What a concept!  The idea that people might wake up and realize that there’s more to life than thinking up reasons and ways to kill people.

Pardon me while I don’t hold my breath waiting for THAT to happen.  I do however hope that this division among al Qaeda supporting groups in Iraq and elsewhere continues to grow.

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