madrid-night.jpgHe had to get away.  Ever since he won, there had been a non stop stream of newfound friends coming out of the woodwork.  Most were nothing but friendly, too friendly in fact, willing to do anything they thought would convince him to hand them some money.  The problem was that if he was going to get away it had to be someplace where he could disappear for a while and take some time to decide what to do next.  Just taking some time to enjoy himself for a few weeks was a big part of it also.

He didn’t have any idea where to go until he noticed the posters in the window of a travel agency.  One paper printed in Spanish had “Hoteles en Barcelona” printed across the top.  He’d passed this window every day for a couple of years without giving it more than a passing glance but now with the flood of new friends and relatives he’d never even heard of appearing everywhere it suddenly seemed like the perfect escape.

Entering he quickly found someone eager to tell him all about the nightlife in Barcelona, the theaters, the opera and more places to see and things to do that he couldn’t imagine getting to even a large part of it in less than a month.  Hotels in Barcelona were very impressive looking and thanks to his newfound wealth he decided that he’d visit some five star hotels and live it up to the max.  Then, after a month or so there he’d pick one of the finer Hotels in Madrid and spend another month there.  Maybe after a couple of months like this he’d have a better idea what he wanted to do with the 25 Million he’d won.

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