My wife told me about something today that I found kinda hard to believe.  There’s a movie in production that’s going to take up Star Trek TOS (The Original Series).  They have all new actors in the roles of Kirk, Spock and the rest of the crew.  They’ve got Lenard Nimoy on board to reprise his role as Spock, presumably an older version since Zachary Quinto (he’s currently playing “Sylar” in NBC’s HEROES) is on board to play the younger version of Spock.  Yet so far it seems that William Shatner is NOT going to be reprising the older Captain James T. Kirk.

All I can say it that the idea of a TOS Trek story that doesn’t have Shatner playing Kirk is like buying real estate without first bothering to look at it or even know where it is.  It’s like leaving the orange out of juice.  In the case of a tv series to pick up where the original left off I can see it, but for a story that will involve the older Kirk there is no one else for the job.

Just as “Only Nixon could go to China”, “Only Shatner can play the original Kirk”

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