Virtual Makeover “Before”Being a guy that likes little ‘what if’ kind of programs just because they can sometimes be interesting, I couldn’t resist playing with this “virtual makeover” for a few minutes just for the heck of it.

Basically, this is actually a fairly sophisticated program, especially since I believe it’s a flash program.  You can upload a picture or start with one of their basic pictures of average types.  For this little experiment I decided to start out with the bald guy to the left.  Once you’ve chosen a starting picture (or uploaded your own!), the next step is to pick the hair.  You can choose from several different hairstyles or you can opt to see how you’d look with a celebrity hairstyle.

I decided to give him Orlando Bloom’s hair.  All by itself that did a whole world of good, whoever this guy is he’s not the Howie Mandel type… bald just doesn’t work for him.  My next stop was facial hair.  What can I say?  I wear a beard myself and like it. [though my wife doesn’t care for the fact that my favorite style of beard is the “Grizzly Adams/Wildman” look. ;-) ] So I gave him a full beard and made it black to match the hair.

Virtual Makeover - AfterI decided to skip over the cosmetics options, though there is a lot of them for anyone who’s interested.  I opted for a pair of Versace Eyeglasses and decided that he was done.  The end result is pictured here.  Not bad for only spending a few minutes looking over the possibilities.  There’s also a makeover gallery showing before and after shots of makeovers that others have done.  It really is an interesting way to see how you’d look if you changed something.

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