Checking Out The CrispyClean® Bacon Broiler

November 1st, 2007 | Posted in Food, Hardware, Opinion, Reviews, Shopping | Comments Off on Checking Out The CrispyClean® Bacon Broiler

One of the things that my new blog ‘TinFoil Chef’ Is going to deal with is the fact that I love checking out new kitchen gadgets and I’ve got a great one now.  It’s a microwave bacon cooker unlike anything I’ve ever seen.  Over the years there’s been a lot of gadgets developed that were dedicated to making the job of cooking bacon into something that was easier, quicker and / or not as messy… not to mention the various methods that people have come up with to get the grease out of the way so that eating bacon doesn’t have to mean an adventure in greasy food.

The CrispyClean® Bacon Broiler is probably one of the best variations to come along in a long time.  For one thing it’s a totally enclosed unit where every other bacon cooking device is open in one way or another.  This initially resembles a large plastic cup with a coffee pot style handle.

To use it you open the two latches and remove the top.  Then you turn the small vanes on the insert so that they line up with slots in the top and remove it.  drape a slice of bacon over each of the six large vanes on the insert, reattach the top and lower it onto the outter cup, snap the latches into place and set the unit in the microwave oven.  Cooking time in a 1000 watt oven varies from 30 seconds per slice to 45 seconds a slice depending on the thickness of the bacon.

Once it’s done you carefully open the unit and lift out the top and the vanes with the bacon and set that on a plate.  Then you empty the cup into a separate container.  Then you remove the top from the vanes and take the bacon off.

What you get is great bacon with the lowest grease content that I’ve ever seen.  Cooked this way it comes out very tasty.. it’s a whole world of difference from the traditional “fried in a skillet in a puddle of it’s own grease” type of bacon.  This thing is going to be around for a while and I’ll b interested in seeing future development on it.

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