Getting Back To The Basics

November 1st, 2007 | Posted in A Walk In The Word | Comments Off on Getting Back To The Basics

I just re-read an article: “Back To The Basics“, that serves as a reminder that I think every Christian needs from time to time.

Simply put, over time, we all have a tendency to get caught up in all sorts of things, from the ordinary matters of day to day life to the “bigger things” or “Important stuff” that we’re involved in.  Even when this stuff is actually God’s work, we can get so busy with it that we start slipping on and then eventually forgetting entirely the very basics of our faith.

The answer to this is a wake up call, a reminder that we need to make sure not to neglect the basics of prayer, Bible study and taking time out from our day to just sit back and listen to God, remember what it is that He did for us in Jesus and what we’ve been saved from.

I strongly recommend that everyone take a few minutes to read “Back To The Basics” and give some thought to how much attention you’re giving to Christian Basics.

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