Talkswitch VoIP Phone SystemMore and more businesses, especially small to medium sized businesses are turning to VoIP technology to replace traditional telephone systems.  This is because VoIP based telephone systems simply cost less to use.  Given the rate that broadband Internet connections have become more available, VoIP has become a very economical alternative to traditional telphone systems.

Companies like Neobits now deal in VoIP phone systems from companies like Avaya, Allworx, Panasonic,Talkswitch and more providing a variety of phone systems and related hardware and software that can turn a Local network and a broadband Internet connection into a full blown PBX phone system with all the capabilities that business users have been accustomed to for years.  All the while costing a lot less for both local and long distance calls and including features like

Voicemail, Remote Extensions, Auto Fax Detection, Music on hold, Cell/Pager/E-Mail notification of new messages and a lot more besides.  These phone systems are useful for businesses with as few as 2 users and up to 250 users.

To put it simply, this VoIP trend is here to stay.  For example Neobits alone is serving over 3,000 customers across the US with both dial tone and broadband Internet in every state.  Neobits has to be doing pretty good if they’re able to offer local installation services in every zip code.

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