Y’know, I like to think that I’m not nearly the tv addict that most people are. I know for certain that I’m not nearly as into it as I used to be.  Then another one of these writer’s strikes happens.  All of a sudden some the few programs I do watch drop into unexpected reruns.  This is fine if there’s something that I couldn’t watch the first time around but mostly it’s just ridiculous.  I’m expecting a new episode of Heroes or and instead end up finding out that they’re re-running an episode from a few weeks ago where Hiro figures out that he’s not getting any cell reception because he’s gone back in time to feudal Japan.

That’s a good story, yet I’d rather see the current stuff…. like what’s going on with Bennet and the Petrelli brothers, why Sylar (and the Petrelli brothers) is still alive after Peter went up in what looked like a nuclear explosion at the end of season one?

We don’t need no reruns, we need more story.

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