As Christmas approaches it’s once again time to start hunting and searching to find gift ideas.  In addition to finding the right things to get for people, I think most people want to save some money at the same time. is a site that helps you find what you’re looking for when it comes to the tech type gifts.

There is Email newsletters with bargain news and consolidate all of the best deals of the week in one place.  The site itself features bargain news in the center column where new deals are added throughout the day.

Of course, no bargain site would be complete without Coupons and rebates.  Their coupon listings make it pretty easy to find things like dell coupons in the positively huge list of coupon codes.  Add to that the ability to subscribe to deal alerts customized to your interests and you’ve got a lot of shopping potential

Their product database is loaded with reviews that help you make comparisons between products and deals. They’ve got a great tool in the “Find Lowest Price” link.  There you can find the lowest prices on anything they’ve got.  You can also sort the listings by popularity and rating as well as by price.

I spent some time looking over their laptop offerings and they’ve got a lot to offer.  Not only is there complete specs on everything there, but all of the listings I looked at also had at least one review from somebody who had bought one before.  That kind of review is really valuable because that gives you the real experience of users to help make your decision.  If something has bad reviews, you can reconsider buying it and look elsewhere, saving yourself aggravation as well as money.

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