I just saw this little gem in my email:


The top Democratic hopefuls are committed to greenhouse gas cuts that would cost
billions of dollars in the short term but potentially save even more later. Their
boldness, however, could carry a political price, the Washington Post reports.

Thing is that I can’t help thinking how incredibly ironic that sounds.  Yeah, it could carry a political price alright, you could look more than a bit nuts if you spend too much time tallking about global warming instead of real issues that carry a whole lot more importance…

…Like how about cleaning up the environment simply because it’s the right thing to do and because nobody likes to look at what pollution does to nature.  How about getting manufacturers to use cleaner processes that could save them money?

Here’s a big one… How about developing and mass producing a viable electric vehicle that Joe Sixpack can not only afford, but would be willing to be seen driving it?

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