I once thought about creating an online store.  The idea was to simply get in on the whole “dot com” thing and generate some income by putting up a website selling something that people just naturally couldn’t live without.

I started looking around to find out things like the cost and procedure for buying a domain name, what did web hosting cost once you had a domain and what features you would need in order for a store to work.  Mind you, this was back in the middle 1990’s when I did all this.  The store never did materialize, partly because I couldn’t find software to function as the “brains” of the thing.  Something as simple and easily available today, shopping cart software, was a lot harder to find back then because it wasn’t being sold.  everybody created their own software or hired programmers to do it for them.

All of this was kept proprietary and secret, which is probably responsible for a lot of “dot coms” that never actually happened, never mind all of them that went belly up in the “dot com bust” a few years later.

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