Saudi Court Sentences VICTIM to *200 Lashes*!!

November 16th, 2007 | Posted in News, Opinion | 2 Comments

This is wrong.  I don’t care what part of the world you’re from or how you try to justify it.


The 19-year-old woman was gang raped by seven men. A Saudi court sentenced her to six
months in jail and 200 lashes. She was found guilty of being in a car with a man who
was not a relative and using the media to protest the verdict.

Let’s get this clear.  We are not talking about a perpetrator here. this woman was gang raped. it’s not like she was parading around the streets in leather lingerie or something.  And as for the part about her penalty being partly because she was in a car with a man that was not a relative.. All she was doing was trying to get something back from a high school student she used to know.  My opinion, things are really wrong with the way the legal system works in Saudi Arabia.

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2 Responses to “Saudi Court Sentences VICTIM to *200 Lashes*!!”

  1. not only the legal system, but there’s something very wrong with the mentality of men that find themselves in the presence of a female that is not their relative and see that as a good and justified opportunity for gang rape.

  2. this is not acceptable.
    these r savage.