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November 19th, 2007 | Posted in Opinion, Reviews, Shopping, Websites | 1 Comment

It’s amazing just how many people there are in the world that suffer joint pains of one kind or another these days.  From Arthritis to accidents and sports injuries there are more kinds and degrees of painful insults to joints and muscles that you can shake a stick at.  Just look around and it’ll probably surprise you just how many people either have some kind of injury or are dealing with Arthritis or any one of dozens of sources of these pains.

lura.jpgMy wife is a good example.  When she was in school she was playing basketball and she got pushed from behind.  She ended up landing full force on her knees.  They were swollen and sore for days after that but in those days the general attitude was that if you didn’t have a fever and were not throwing up and nothing was broken then you were not sick enough to go to a doctor and so she didn’t get any treatment.

Years later she spent eight and a half years working as an over the road truck driver and while that job SOUNDS like it’s a piece of cake, just driving around, believe me there’s a lot more to it than that.  It ended up causing a couple of collapsed discs in her back and of course it also aggravated the injury to her knees.  As a result there is hardly a day that goes by where she doesn’t get lots of painful reminders from her knees and back.

Over the years she’s tried the usual run of painkillers and such.  Many work very little if at all, others work for a while.  Freeze It Gel is something that actually works.  It gives actual relief to a wide variety of problems from Muscular strains and knee pains to back pain and more.  Because it’s applied directly to the area that hurts, relief is a lot quicker.

Why write about all this?  There’s a couple reasons.  First is the fact that Freeze It works, plain and simple.  It does what they say it does and I like that in a product.  Second, there’s this contest going on where the winner gets a years supply of Freeze It products.  I’d like to win that year’s supply for the relief that my wife will get out of it.

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One Response to “Freeze That Pain”

  1. im also suffering from joint pain for 7 year.
    good luck to your wife.