The Apprentice

November 28th, 2007 | Posted in Entertainment, Misc Assorted General Stuff, Opinion, Recreation, Reviews | Comments Off on The Apprentice

I’m not much of a fan of most so-called “reality” shows, but once in a while I do venture to watch.  One that I’ve watched before and will be looking in on is the upcoming season of “The Apprentice”.  It’s essentially a really long job interview where a bunch of candidates compete in various tasks to win the big prize: A job as Donald Trump’s Apprentice.  It’s interesting because it’s not just about who has what qualifications for the job.  The various tasks put them in a wide variety of situations from operating a car wash to creating advertising campaigns for Manhattan condos for sale in one of Trump’s high rise towers.

In the end the person who wins is the one that’s got the most overall flexibility and ability to function and succeed in more situations.  The problem is when Trump chooses the wrong apprentice, which I think he’s done more than once.  ‘course, it’s his money…..

btw-I’d have included a link to the page for this new season I saw a tv commercial for yesterday, but NBC doesn’t seem to have on up yet.

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