I’ve had a problem with my Digg profile page for a couple of weeks or so now and while I’ve reported the bug / problem to digg and spent quite a bit of time on search engines looking, I have yet to even find mention of this particular problem.. let alone a cure.

If I am Not logged in to digg, I can load http://digg.com/users/selif1 without any problem and it looks just like it should.  Once I log in however, anything below the “favorites” section of the profile will not load, nor will the footer that appears at the bottom of every digg page.  On the right side of the page everything up to and including the “Stats” section loads.

I even tried using IE6 and got the same results.  Then I tried both Firefox and IE6 on another computer and still got the same results.  The profile works fine until I log in, then most of the part that’s supposed to load on the left side and all of the bottom of the page fails to load.

The other thing that’s happening is that the “shout” feature is not working.  If I click “share” on any story, I can select what users to shout to and enter a message but when I click the “shout it” button it just sits there doing nothing.  This also is independent of what browser I’m using… If I’m logged in, it doesn’t work.

If somebody’s got a clue what the problem is I’d sure like to hear about it… especially if there’s a solution involved!

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