Howard Miller Taylor Grandfather ClockToday’s review-du-jour brought me to a site that specialize in a subset of the home decor world, the clock.  The first thing I noticed right off is that the name of the store and the url is also it’s phone number  That all buy itself is going to make them memorable.

I’m sure that most people might think on first hearing of it is to ask why would anyone have a store that sold nothing but clocks?  The answer of course is that there is a much larger variety of clocks to be had than most people think about… Wall clocks, Mantle clocks, antique and new clocks, grandfather clocks and more.

The overall layout of the site is a very straightforward store design with product thumbnails in the center and links in the left sidebar to browse the site by category, manufacturer as well as a search facility.

What I liked about the site is the incredible variety of clocks available and that they have an extensive line of Howard Miller grandfather clocks.  Oh, they have other makes as well and they’re all very good.  However the Howard Miller line struck me as having more of the classic look that I expect a grandfather clock to have.

While I don’t even begin to have the room for it right now, I have to admit that I think it’d be pretty cool to have this Howard Miller Taylor Grandfather Clock… say in the living room not far from a old-style large hearth fireplace with a few giant logs burning in it.

Looking a little closer at the store rewarded me with a link to their clock blog.  As expected the blog is all about clocks of every description.  There’s also some useful tips like this entry for people thinking about buying clocks to avoid getting taken to the cleaners.

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