Once again the Iranian nuclear program is in the news.  Now people in the ironically named “intelligence” field are saying that Iran has in fact stopped their program to build nuclear weapons…. in spite of the fact that they’re still enriching uranium as fast as they can get away with.

Senior U.S. intelligence officials say Iran halted its nuclear weapons development
program four years ago but is continuing to enrich uranium and may still be able to
develop a weapon between 2010 and 2015.

Seriously, is there any real reason to believe these claims that Iran isn’t still trying to develop nuclear weapons?  Doesn’t the fact that they’re still going ahead with uranium enrichment give anyone cause to stop and wonder?  Frankly, I think that anyone willing to believe that Iran is not still VERY much intent on developing nuclear weapons had better be sure that their mortgage life insurance is fully paid up because it’s kinda hard to keep up the mortgage payments when you’re busy dying of radiation poisoning caused by the fallout from an Iranian nuclear warhead.  (that is if the blast and immediate damage doesn’t kill you)

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