By now you have seen this image in my sidebar with the universal negate on it.  My decision to place this image on my blog rises out of growing disapproval of “G” and the way they’ve decided to handle things concerning pagerank lately which is pretty much a form of censorship and blackmail (or at the very least, I see it as a strongarm tactic).  As a result I’ve removed my adsense code, I’ve removed my analytics code.  I’ve also changed the settings in Firefox so that Google is not the default search engine anymore.  Finally I’ve placed this image in my sidebar as a sort of statement of my overall opinion.  It’s occurred to me that others might want to use it as well.

I figure that something like this is a lot more likely to be used if all somebody has to do is copy and paste some code, so I decided to make it really easy to use this image.  I’ve provided code here that loads the image from my site.  Yes, I’m actually going to encourage “hotlinking” in this ONE case.  In exchange for me serving the image and providing the code, All I’m asking is a link back to my blog.  I have also included a link to “The (Other) End of the Internet” where the image was created.

To use it just copy the following code and paste it in your website or blog where you want it to appear and it will look the way you see it in this post because I used this same code myself.

<div><a href=""><img src="" width="100" alt="no google badge hosted by A Peculiar Blog"/><br><span style="font-size: 6pt;text-align: center;">Get this badge at A Peculiar Blog<span></a><br /><a href=""><span style="font-size: 6pt;text-align: center;">Badge Created by Thriell</span></a></div>

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