First up, I’ve got a contest to tell about.  It’s an iPod Nano giveaway by Trusted Tours and Attractions.  Everyone who signs up to receive their Trusted Travel eNewsletter automatically gets an entry into a drawing to win an iPod Nano.  This offer ends on December 31st so you shouldn’t waste any time.  It only takes a few seconds (less than a minute anyway) to sign up.  You actually get a choice of what prize you’d like.. 4 tickets for a sightseeing tour in one of 21 cities across the country or an iPod Nano.  What with the Christmas gift season going full swing I’m betting a larger percentage will be choosing to win the iPod Nano.

While I was looking over the details for the giveaway, I had a look at the rest of the site.  It turns out that Trusted Tours and Attractions was created by Historic Tours of America in 1999 as their new Internet division.  Seeing they’ve been around since 1958 means that you’re not looking at a newcomer, they’re backed up by years of experience.  What Trusted Tours and Attractions does is offer tickets to the best sightseeing tours at a discount in 21 cities around the nation.

This got me to thinking a bit about travel.  Y’see while I’ve done a little bit of traveling, it’s never been for something like sightseeing and honestly, there’s a bunch of places that I’d like to see.  Take Boston for example.  That city is absolutely loaded with history.  There are quite probably more historic sites and stuff going back to the time of the revolutionary war and even before.  There is also quite a bit that’s gone on since then.  I don’t doubt a person could spend a month or more just hitting the high points.

Then there’s New York.  Not only is that city also loaded with historical significance.  It’s been the location for so many movies and television shows that you’d never be able to visit all of the places used scenes that most people would recognize.  All that just touches the edges of possibilities of just two cities.  These people are in twenty one cities.  You could spend your retirement going over all of them.

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