I just saw a headline that’s really got me ready to chew holes in somebody’s head.  Specifically, it’s a headline about auto mileage standards being raised to 35 mpg.

Why is this something to fume about?  Because 35mpg has been around since the early 1980’s that’s why.  If they want to put in a standard that will mean something then they need to raise that number to double and make it 70mpg… then maybe that will mean something.

Oh, if you plan to try telling me that 70mpg isn’t possible… don’t bother, I’m not buying that particular load of crap today.  I have absolutely no doubt that we could have 100mpg or more fuel efficiency if not for the fact that “Big Oil” stands to lose money if a gallon of gasoline can be made to stretch for that far.. therefore they’ve been doing their level best to sit on or outright destroy any technology that can achieve this level of efficiency.

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