Since I am going to be talking about a web hosting service provider It occurred to me that it would be a decent idea to start by providing a definition.

Web Hosting is the disk space on a web server that holds all of the files needed (html, images, video, sounds, Etc) for a website or blog of any kind.  When a visitor types your domain name in their browser it contacts a Domain Name Server to translate the address you typed into the IP address of the server where the web site is hosted and then it contacts the server with a request for the page you asked for.  The files that make up that page are then transferred to your web browser which then reassembles them.

Ok, with a basic idea of what web hosting is, the next thing to consider is what web hosting provider to choose and which package is right for you?  Network Solutions is an example of a provider of Web Hosting Services.

For Web Hosting services they offer three basic plans.  On the standard plan you get seven gigabytes of disk space (easily enough for a large number of sites), monthly data transfer is 150 gigabytes (every time somebody loads your page the files that make it up are transferred to them)

For a basic personal site or blog, the standard plan is most likely the best one.  However if you’re running a larger blog or business then you’d be better off upgrading to advanced or pro web hosting packages, each of which has progressively more disk space, monthly data transfer, ftp accounts, email boxes and generally higher limits in most features.

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