It sure looks like it.  Take for example this story of a guy who encounters a topless woman in a park.

She’s sunbathing topless under a tree.. and while we’re at it, since when is that ok in a public park?  Having lived in Columbus Ohio once upon a time, I’ve been to Lou Berliner Park and at no time do I recall it being ok to sunbathe topless there… nor have I ever seen anyone doing it.

The next part of the problem with this little scenario is the nagging question: who “sunbathes” under a tree… in shadow??!?  I’m no scientist or anything, but don’t you need sunlight for that particular activity?  Wouldn’t parking your half naked self in the shade of a tree be counterproductive to the alleged activity of sunbathing?

Given those two things by themselves I’d say that the guy *should* have smelled a rat and stayed clear of her.  When you add to all this the fact that she asked to see his… erm… “personality”, I can’t for the life of my understand why he fell for it except for the fact that his hormones were probably in control on account of her topless condition.

The part of this that’s worse than our poor hormone afflicted friend is the fact that Columbus’ finest set this whole thing up just looking for somebody that would fall into the trap.  I can see a certain amount of legitimate “sting” operations, but crap like this there is no excuse for.

I honestly believe that had the Columbus police not set this situation up in the first place, this guy would never have found himself in Berliner park chatting with a topless woman.

How about we concentrate on solving actual crimes, not entrapping people in stuff they wouldn’t have been involved in without the cops deciding to set a trap.

Not only that, but I’d also say that the “person” who thought this little gem up in the first place needs to find themselves another career.  Obviously they’re not much of a cop.

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