Iran is taking a road that they absolutely don’t want to be on…


In what is being called a serious provocation, Iranian Revolutionary Guard boats
harassed and provoked three U.S. Navy ships in the strategic Strait of Hormuz,
officials said Monday.

Can they possibly think that this kind of thing is anything remotely resembling a good idea?  Since US ships have been attacked in that region before, they’ve got to know that if things look like these harassments is going to turn into actual attacks that they’ll get blown into the next universe.

Seriously, Iran wants us to believe that they’re the good guys and all that stuff.  Well, the first step in the direction of ANYONE with a brain actually believing them is going to be to not even look like they’re thinking about attacking our people, ships, etc.

For that matter, perhaps they should take a look across their western border into one possible future for their nation if they don’t get a little perspective.

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