New Govt Policy Could Allow Feds Too Much Access

January 16th, 2008 | Posted in Anonymity, Censorship, Encryption, Internet, News, Open source, Opinion, Politics, Privacy | 1 Comment

Somethings going on that needs to be stopped.  A new “Cyber-Security Policy” being developed by National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell.  This policy will give the government sweeping authority to police the Internet and make it possible for them to get access to any email, web search or file transfer.

This is going to make Warrantless wiretapping look like a Sunday afternoon picnic at the beach.

Dangerous nonsense like this needs to be stopped.  Dangerous nonsense like this is yet another reason that EVERYBODY SHOULD USE ENCRYPTION.

You wouldn’t send private letters written on the back of a post card would you?  Email that is not encrypted is nothing but pure text and can be read by anyone who takes the time to find out where email is stored on a mail server.

it’s well worth time to get GNU Privacy Guard, a freeware open source equivalent of PGP and tools like the Enigmail add on for the thunderbird email program that make encrypting email easy for anyone.

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One Response to “New Govt Policy Could Allow Feds Too Much Access”

  1. This is great advice! Thank you. I wince at some of the unencrypted e-mails that I have sent…things I definitely wouldn’t want to share wit the whole world!