I know this sounds really familiar.  A news story about the U.N. Security council deciding to impose sanctions on Iran because of it’s nuclear program.

The problem is, we’ve seen this thing before.  Not only have there been a number of sanctions imposed against Iran without any apparent effect on their intent to build (and presumably threaten to use) nuclear weapons.

But then it gets better.  If you hop into the wayback machine (or your favorite non-google search engine) you will find plenty of examples of sanctions on Iraq.  That link was the first result when I put “UN Sanctions on Iraq” into ask.com.  There are literally pages of results that follow.

What I’m getting at is this: Sanctions are worth maybe as much as the paper they’re written on.  Why? because at no time has any such sanctions been enforced by *all* nations.  There’s always nations that are more than willing to ignore those sanctions and help the nation in question.

Of course, after enough years of sanctions we finally reach the point where it will be a lot easier to propose taking action to accomplish what the sanctions couldn’t.  This is why Iran should look to their west and think long and hard about what they’re doing.  They need to consider carefully the possible consequences to their actions.

On the other side of that equation, those who are pushing for sanctions, those who are issuing sanctions and those who prefer military action need to consider what Iran’s doing.  They’re working on developing a nuclear weapon.  I have absolutely no doubt that they’re not going to stop until they have one and prove to the world that it works.

Anybody remember North Korea?  They were in a similar situation not very long ago.  Intent on developing nuclear weapons.  Then the world was shocked when they set one off.  Why do you suppose people were surprised?

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