getyourfeetdirty_med.gifRemember when a TShirt with a message on it actually had that message printed large enough to read?  Speaking from behind a fairly thick pair of bifocals I have to say that I don’t care for a lot of the printed TShirts around today.  Either the text is so small that you really can’t try to read it unless you know that person REALLY well … as in if it’s not your spouse wearing it, you feel uncomfortable getting close enough TO read it…

Well, these folks at have decided to put the readability back into printed tees.  Not only that, but these actually have Christian friendly messages on them … Another thing that’s hard to find amid all of the more worldly and even offensive things you find on TShirts these days.

The grand opening is set for January 25th (tomorrow) and they’re having a Pre-buy special (a 15% discount!) right now.  So If you’re into Christian TShirts or are buying for somebody who is is definitely worth a look.  They’ve got a decent variety of Tees in sizes up to 3XL and in several colors.

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