The tornado that passed through town was bad enough.  It caused a lot of destruction and at least one really harrowing ride.  An entire plaza / mini mall and many of the businesses in the area have been reduced to kindling.

But the thing that really makes you want to beat some sense into somebody’s head is when all of a sudden their prices more than double because in the aftermath of the storm, the demand is huge.

In spite of the fact that in my opinion they need all the bad press they can get, I’m not going to name any people or businesses because I don’t have all of the information and I’m pretty sure that the process of gathering all of the details wouldn’t give me a blood pressure problem or an ulcer.  Besides, if any of ’em should read this (I’m really doubtful about that but hey, miracles happen.) then I’ll let them deal with God and their conscience.  That way I don’t have to grow an ulcer over it.

Anyway, I heard a report that a service that normally costs around $45 is now going for over $100.  …And this was the cheapest of several.  As I see it, the single solitary reason for the price increase is the fact that the storm has done so much damage and there’s TONS of work and they’ve decided that this is a great opportunity to line their pockets with fresh green that people around here are going to be running really short of for some time to come.  (rebuilding is not only slow, it’s expensive.)

This hasn’t got anything to do with any suddenly limited supplies or equipment needed.  The businesses in question have all of everything they need.

In my opinion they need to be taken out and beaten severely about the head and shoulders until they see the error of their ways.

I guess it’s a good thing I don’t get to decide things like that isn’t it.

Profiteering little $%#@$@%’s !!

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