This is a few days old and I wish I’d gotten to it sooner but better late than never.
A journalism student in Afghanistan made the fatal mistake of telling a truth that somebody didn’t want told.

Specifically, he downloaded and then shared a report that was critical of the treatment of women in islamic countries.  Apparently Islamic powers that be REALLY don’t want things like this out there where people… especially their citizens or the general public world wide, did something about it.

They accused him of blasphemy and then tried him without any representation.  The blasphemy charge shows that the islamic authorities haven’t any more clue about what it means than most people.  Blasphemy means to speak evil about or ascribe evil actions and motivations to God.  Obviously this guy didn’t do anything like that.  If he had anything to say about anyone being evil it would be the government and religious authorities (usually one and the same in islamic nations) that the report he shared accused of evil actions and intentions.

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