got Jesus? T-ShirtI want to talk briefly about a site called It’s a site that specializes in Christian T-Shirts run by some folks that have both a good product to sell and the ultimate message to share.  Their goal is for this business to support their ministry efforts.  Considering some of the downright obnoxious and vile things I see on T-Shirts these days I really appreciate it when I see Christian T-Shirts.  Why? Because in them I see a message of hope instead of evil and contempt.  I see a message of love instead of lust, greed and hate.

It just happens that I’ve got several of their T-shirts and I can say That as Christian I appreciate another thing about them.  They’re great conversation starters.  I know because of the times that people have reacted to one that I wear frequently that asks “Got Jesus?

These T Shirts serve as a silent witness.  They let people know that you’re a follower of Jesus, they make people curious enough to ask what the message on the shirt means and they also get the attention of fellow believers.  Often resulting in conversations and friendships that might not have been if you hadn’t been wearing something that proclaims your belief in Jesus.

They’ve got a variety of designs from designs especially for Children to T Shirts with the “Hardcore Witness” type of “in your face” and “I dare you to notice me” kind of message.  There’s Scriptural, Patriotic and humorous designs.

Finally, I just plain like their shirts and I think any Christian (or anybody else for that matter) that’s interested in cool t-shirts ought to take a look at

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