Anybody that’s been around the web in general and blogging in particular knows very much the value of social bookmarking sites, like Digg, Technorati, StumbleUpon and others. They’re the source of a lot of traffic and it’s helpful to be indexed in their sites.  If you’ve got the SearchStatus plugin for Firefox and you enable it’s option to “Highlight Nofollow Links”, you’ll also know that most of the links on most of these sites are Nofollow links.

This means that while using technorati tags and social bookmarking links is a great idea, there is zero sense in using anything but nofollow links in the tags and in links to other social sites

Sometime back I wrote “Build Traffic With Technorati” in which I first talked about the famous blog index and a tag generator javascript that I discovered.  Then later in “How To Choose Good Tags” I reposted the Technorati Tag Generator.

Since then, I’ve decided that it’s best if links like technorati tags and the Sociable plugin’s links to other social bookmarking sites are Nofollow.  I’ve edited the code in the tag generator so that the tags it produces are nofollow.

I spent some time trying to do the same with the Sociable plugin for WordPress but haven’t managed it yet.  Then earlier tonight I ran across a little gem on Andy Beard’s blog called “Sphinn Support – Antisocial (SEO Friendly Sociable) WordPress Plugin“, about a version of Sociable that’s been hacked to make the links it generates Nofollow.  It also adds a tweak or two and fixes a bug in the stumbleupon code that was in the original.

I’m thinking that especially with the way Search Engines <gazes pointedly at the image in the sidebar> are working these days, it’s a good idea to be a bit on the stingy side with “Do Follow” links.  Even if you don’t want to be stingy with it, there’s still no reason in the world to use a “do follow” link to a site where most (if not all) of the links on it are Nofollow.

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